Alain Pinel Realtors

APR agents bring an uncommon level of education, creativity and unique life experience to bear when marketing a property. We market properties locally, regionally and globally – measuring thousands of impressions per dollar spent. Carefully chosen local publications enable us to closely match audiences with messages, resulting in advertising that stands apart.

  • The Luxury Portfolio network is comprised of the finest real estate brokerages from around the world that specialize in the marketing and sale of upper end properties. Each firm is carefully screened to meet a strict set of standards for discreet and conscientious service and for having demonstrated their ability to handle the distinctive home sale transaction. The network members are located throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia and Islands of the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Pacific. Collectively the group closes more million-dollar plus transactions than any other brokerage network nationwide.

Our relationships open the door for our clients to be at home anywhere.  Where people, homes, opportunity and a bit of imagination intersect, you’ll find us.

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